Woman attacked by deer in Au Gres Twp.

A mid-Michigan woman said she was attacked by a deer in Au Gres Township.

“There is that deer charging me head on,” Patty Willis said.

The incident happened in late September on her property. She said everyone in Au Gres Township in the area of Santiago Road between East Gordon Road and Lola Lane should be on the lookout for this buck wearing an orange collar.

“He pushed me way back and I fell on my back and after that it was just screaming and holding on,” Willis said.

Willis is still recovering from her encounter with the animal.

“I couldn’t even laugh or cough. It was badly badly bruised. I mean he really was brutal. The only thing I could think to say about this buck, very brutal,” Willis said.

The DNR said it’s wrapped up its investigation into the attack. Lt. Brandon Keift said he is not sure if the deer in question is even alive.

“Patty’s husband actually took a shot at the deer. They weren’t sure if he hit or missed it, but he did take a shot at the deer, and since then we haven’t seen it. So, we don’t know if the deer ran off and somehow is deceased somewhere else,” Keift said.

Keift said he investigated claims that the deer may be someone’s pet and isn’t afraid of humans. At this point, there is no evidence to support that.

“We don’t believe that the deer is like kept in a house anywhere or caged up or in a garage or anything,” Keift said.

As for Willis, she hopes she never has to experience something like this again. She’s just glad she’s still here to tell her story.

“I’m alive. I’m alive,” Willis said.

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