US and European officials eye summit for progress for Finland and Sweden joining NATO

Yet some officials believe that Turkey may be eying the summit as a place to finally make agreements that could propel the process forward. “My best projection based on what I’ve seen is that they will run this to the …

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Women learn legal methods of use of force, self-defense during seminar in Asheville

Legal methods of use of force, self-defense taught Source link

Biden will sign first major federal gun safety legislation in decades on Saturday, White House says

The bill amounts to the first major federal gun safety legislation in decades and marks a significant bipartisan breakthrough on one of the most contentious policy issues in Washington. The House on Friday passed the bill by 234-193, including 14 …

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Liz Cheney, fighting for political survival, seeks crossover support from Wyoming Democrats

Two people familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN that Cheney has made overtures to Democrats in her state, both through targeted mailers outlining the steps someone would need to take to switch party affiliation and on her campaign website, …

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Biden administration approves student loan forgiveness for another 45,000 public sector workers

Since then, the administration has approved the cancellation of about $8.1 billion in federal student loan debt for close to 145,000 borrowers under the new waiver. Some of these borrowers have been approved for loan forgiveness but have yet to …

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Democrats are losing ground with the fastest-growing political bloc: Asian Americans

And that’s where we begin our statistical journey today. My interest in examining Asian American voters within the context of the larger electorate came about because of what has arguably been the political earthquake of the year thus far — …

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Last summer, this school district served kids 36,000 meals a week. This summer, it will be lucky to serve 600 a week. Here’s why.

This summer, the Warrick school district’s director of food and nutrition is hoping to serve 600 meals a week. Breakfast and lunch will only be available in two schools in the spread-out district instead of nine schools, and only for …

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