How it converted this iPhone Mini owner

For years, I have actively avoided the big screen revolution on smartphones.

It started with Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices, which a lot of users love. I found it ridiculous. Hey, why not just use an iPad as my phone?

Since then,this screen supersizing has trickled to almost every other device. The iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy phones. The 4- to 5-inch screen on smartphones was slowly becoming the exception.

And I was perfectly fine staying in my comfortable small-screen zone. I can play my games, read emails, surf the web and do everything else just fine on my smaller phone.

Last year, I got an iPhone 12 Mini, adamant 5.4 inches of touchscreen was plenty. If I want to participate in “big screen activities,” I’ll use a TV.

Then I tried out the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

For the record, it has a 6.7-inch touchscreen. It’s gigantic. I’ve seen smartphones like this from Apple and rivals and scoffed. They just look too huge to take seriously.

But readers, I now have screen envy.

Streaming The Office and playing a mobile game like Genshin Impact looks delightful. Also, because the screen is bigger, everything else is bigger, too, like the keyboard. Less fumbling on the wrong letters for me. My fingers were meant to fly on a bigger screen.

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