From coupon apps to smartphones, how to save money on tech

Look around your house. How much do you think you have spent on gadgets and tech subscriptions over the years?

With shiny new gear popping up daily and yet another streaming service there to woo you, it’s hard to stop the flow of cash. I can help. Tap or click for all the best ways to scan without shelling out money for a scanner. You’re welcome.

Lots of quality software is free, too, if you know where to look. Tap or click for 9 free copycats that work like a charm.

Before you pull out your credit card again, read through this list of mistakes that might be costing you cash and easy fixes to spend less.

The problem: You’re tempted by that expensive new phone

Tech companies hype their new releases like no other. Listen to what Apple has to say, and the iPhone 13 will change your life. The same goes for the latest and greatest from Samsung and all the rest.

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